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  • First: Google: SEO Link Building Fort Lauderdale SEO Services Downtown Fort Lauderdale SEO Downtown Fort Lauderdale I'm iGi TOG SEO iGi TOG SEO Services Think of me as a Link Warehouse. I am currently looking to wholesale my Services to SEO companies. 'Partners' This page iGi TOG SEO Partners
    is linked to every Subdomain/Web page throughout iGi TOG SEO. Which is Global. iGi TOG SEO is doing something very different. But it works really well. iGi TOG SEO specializes in Internal Linking. But not exclusively. All external links 'clients' will land on on a 'clients' iGi Social Network/Blog profile. This includes all of their Social network/Blog sites. IE Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr etc. Then that 'clients' Social Network/Blog site profile will get linked to all of the proper iGi TOG SEO subdomain/web pages. iGi TOG SEO is massive Example of iGi Social network/Blog site profile. And growing. Example of all Subdomain/Pages iGi TOG SEO can accommodate any Global/Category. When iGi TOG SEO needs a new subdomain it can create a new one. iGi TOG SEO has Multiple social networks iGi4USA National iGi4ALL Global iGi4OCG Global Gaming This gives you the ability to offer any potential client National or Global SEO reach. iGi also offers a Directory subdomain This is a Directory for all clients to land all of their External Links on a iGi TOG SEO page. Then the client MyiGi page gets listed on the appropriate pages and subdomains. iGi TOG SEO doesn't work with any link Farms or unknown outside sources. iGi TOG SEO only works within it's own Subdomains, Social network/Blog sites and known trusted outside Social network/blog sites. IE Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Ive figured out a Lopol. lol Google doesn't pentilze for internal Linking. Reference: Gary Illyes (from Reddit’s AMA for Google) gives you a straight forward answer “No, you can abuse your internal links as much as you want AFAIK.” And when you mix this with other know trusted Social network/Bolg sites its straight fire. ;) The ultimate Juice bar. I've been in the Link Game for 20plus years. This site is almost 9yrs old. I've R/D this. iGi TOG SEO The Online Genius 'TOG' Thank you for your time Stephen Industrial Genius International