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  • iGi gets its name From iGi s influences.
    I.E. The Industrial Revolution, Industrial Music, Industrial Art and so. NOT From an Ego :)

    This is a work in progress, The Vibe Is Right, But the wording will Change.

    If You find a Typo or something wrong Don't Laugh, The mind blowing amount of HOURs in this its amazing You wont find more.
    Just let iGi know Please!

    iGi is cleaning up Shop and its on The Mend!
    There's A lot of new work to be crawled and indexed.

    No Site That iGi knows of has ever launched like this.
    'Pure Mass All Organic Growth'
    iGi Has proven what iGi is doing by YEARS of R & D!
    iGi has been building and Moving Internet Real Estate around the Search Engines long enough to know what iGi has is PURE SEO GOLD!

    The Reason for iGi's Size is to allow for growth on a GLOBAL SCALE! 'Industrial' ;)

    Not Saying iGi wont Advertise But as of now its not planning on it.
    When iGi Grows Into its Big Boy Pants nothing will Stop It.
    Its already Started :)
    This Benefits who Sign Up. Its Called Juice. It Juices Any iGi Profile Blog Post Classified Ad Everything!

    What is SEO Link Juice
    Link juice is a colloquial term in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources. This power is interpreted as a vote of recommendation toward your site and is one of the most important factors in determining your site's search ranking (and PageRank)

    iGi is not a LINK FARM!
    iGi has a Human Managed Ads Program.
    But 4 iGi Profiles Only NO OUTSIDE LINKS Don't ask Many Reasons 4 This 'Purity'
    iGi is Word Press Free. Built on PHP

    iGi Has multiple Social Networks, iGi Will be going Classified Ad IE CL or BP.
    iGi has the software for this. But iGi is Over built!
    iGi needs to start What iGi has before iGi Can Grow Anymore.

    EVERYTHING Post Blogs Classifieds etc Get Included in iGi Only Search engine. 'Powered by Google' Someday iGi Will go indi, No time now lol

    About iGi The Product:

    About the product.
    1 iGi is a Free To Join Social Media Network.
    Meaning iGi has Multiple Social Networks.
    iGi4All 'Global' iGi4USA 'USA' iGi4OCG Online Gaming.
    But iGi is just focusing on iGi4USA at the moment.
    iGi4USA is a Free2Join Social Media Site.
    When you sign up You get all the basic Big Site Social Media
    Make, Chat,Email, Comment,Like, With other Accounts.
    You can also View 'Not Post Or Comments'
    All the Blog,Classified Ads,Events, Forums, and more.
    If you want to do more the Pricing Structure works like This...
    iGi is going to keep the Subscription Price as follows...
    iGi has Multiple Subscriptions and it starts at $5yr.
    iGi is not looking to break your Bank.
    iGi is doing it this way for several reasons.
    1: iGi has to make money. Got 2 Keep the Lights on.
    2: This is also one of the ways iGi is Keeping Spam down and Quality up. This will help earn trust in Its membership.
    3: This will also help Keep iGi Advertising in Check.
    iGi is Not about Spam or Over Building. This includes Advertising. iGi wants to keep it Basic. NO POP UP ads.
    No over Saturation of Advertising. Clean And Basic.
    More 2 come

    iGi is Made In The USA And Proud! iGi Follows the USA Law.

    iGi s Profile Structure is developed 2 help people achieve Organic Growth 'SEO' In The Search Engines.

    Not sure u need or cant afford a Web site. iGi Profiles Work just like A Web Page. Add any $ links u have. Add other social media links,

    iGi is all about Honesty Fair Play Privacy! In an effort to being a trusted site Understand this.

    iGi Will not Sell or Profit on Personal Information. It bugs me when I get Bothered, I'm sure it bothers U. NO Spam, Mass, Emails No worries

    iGi is about Quality over Volume. iGi is Going 2b more Aggressive about Spam & Bunk Profiles. Any1 Can Sign Up. But you have 2b legit.

    iGi has figured out a way to curb Spam Accounts in its Sign Up & Subscription Structure. But iGi plans on listening to it community.

    iGi Excepts Every1 Has Rights. But iGi has rights 2 Let Me Be Very Clear. NO HATE GROUPS. iGi is Exercising Its Right2 Refuse Service. Go Away

    As a Person I don't want to b Famous. I'm Low Key. 1 reason I Left KW. Please respect my Privacy the way iGi Respects your.
    Also remember I'm only 1 person. Allot of 420, Coffee, Hours like u wouldn't believe! It's taken along time 2 Get here. This is my baby :)
    To WouldB Investors/Buy out offer No Thank U. iGi's debt free & Ez. Don't Need It. But if u insist Don't make me laugh, Come Right or Go Home