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  • i-G-i-Invitation-The-Blog

    These Invitation R2 People have made a Serious Impression on iGi as a Person 4 any number of reasons. iGi is no joke. It's here & it BigiGi is looking 2 do Small Soft Opening! iGi needs people 2 use it so iGi can see Gaps & Fix them. iGi inviting U. Go Big or Go Home Right
  • i-G-i-Undestanding-The-Blog

    iGi gets its name From iGi s influences. I.E. The Industrial Revolution, Industrial Music, Industrial Art and so. NOT From an Ego :) This is a work in progress, The Vibe Is Right, But the wording will Change. If You find a Typo or something wrong Don't Laugh, The mind blowing amount of HOURs in ...